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Mumbai / Bengaluru

(CRAs / Banks / Financial Industry)

15+ years

About Brickwork Ratings

Brickwork Ratings (BWR) is one of India’s leading credit rating agencies, committed to providing the investment community with products and services needed to make informed investment decisions. Established in 2007, Brickwork Ratings, a SEBI-registered and RBI-accredited credit rating agency, has Canara Bank, a leading public sector bank as its promoter and strategic partner.

BWR is headquartered in Bengaluru and has a pan-India presence. The rating team is headed by the analytical prowess of the industry’s most experienced credit analysts and bankers.

BWR offers rating services to Bank Loans, NCD, Commercial papers, Bonds, Mutual Funds, PPMLDs, and Security Receipts. BWR’s ratings have rated over 100,000 large Corporates, Banks, Financial Institutions, State and local Governments, and small businesses. BWR provides investors and lenders, with timely and in-depth research across structured finance, public finance, financial institutions, project finance, and corporate sectors.

Primary Responsibility:
  • Lead the Research division responsible for Credit Risk Rating Model design and development, Scoring model Calibration & Validation and Rating Transition and default studies.
  • Design and Develop internal credit risk rating assessment models and scoring templates for various verticals using statistical techniques. Validate the initial model and monitor the models periodically, model realization, and ongoing model execution to generate ratings.
  • Identifying trends in the economy, industry sectors and regulatory fronts, advising the analytical groups suitably to be addressed during the rating process viz., upgrades/downgrades in relation to the economy and credit growth, systemic liquidity issues, public finance, issuer/sector specific credit risk factors, NPAs and related factors.
  • Closely monitor the macroeconomic environment, regulatory policy changes with timely refinements to risk models including sensitivity analysis and forecasts, as necessary.
  • Develop and publish rating transition matrices and default studies in accordance with regulatory guidelines.
  • Formulate Rating Model policies and new products for the ratings department.
  • Conduct regular training programs for the analytical team and other stakeholders on all issues relating to model development, scoring templates and methodologies including implementation and enhancement.
  • Revise and update the Operations Policy Manual periodically incorporating regulatory guidelines in coordination with the internal teams.
  • Provide Strategic insights to Management and work closely with them to prioritize business and ratings team information needs.
  • Liaise with the regulators on credit risk rating models and improvements.
  • Closely monitor regulatory policy changes with reference to CRAs and ensure timely adoption and dissemination of new/revised policies and criteria and regulatory guidelines
  • Quarterly monitoring - Transition Matrices, Cumulative.
  • Half year and annual disclosure as per SEBI Circular - Transition and CDRs.
  • Benchmarking and Validation Exercise - Ratings Default Rates.
Competency / Skills:
  • Strong mathematical ability.
  • Expertise in statistical techniques and concepts.
  • Experience in using statistical software for analyzing datasets (Excel, SPSS, SAS etc.) is desirable.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to supervise and guide the Rating Research team.
  • Ability to analyze, model and interpret data with attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Experience in Regulatory reporting and managing regulatory audits.
  • Excellent presentation skills - written and verbal.
Educational Qualification:
  • Postgraduate in Finance / Commerce or CA.

Any additional certifications in finance will be an added advantage.