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Market View

Covid-19 Lockdown: Impact on Insurance sector

Q. How do you see the insurance sector during the pandemic?

A: Insurance is one of the important sectors for a well-functioning economy. The Indian insurance sector has seen secular growth over the years, driven by increasing incomes and awareness about having the right insurance coverage. This is true for both life and general Insurance. Although growth has been strong, penetration is still low; hence, there is scope for continued growth over the foreseeable future...

Covid-19 Lockdown: Impact on Mutual Funds

In conversation with Ms. Lakshmi Iyer to understand the investor sentiments during the COVID-19 situation. Their advice to the investors about strategizing their investments.

The Podcast was recorded on 10 April 2020.

COVID-19: Impact on NBFC Sector

In Conversation with Mr. Umesh Revankar to understand the impact of Covid-19 on the NBFC sector. Their strategy to overcome the crisis.

The Podcast was recorded a day after lockdown (on March 25, 2020), before RBI announced measures for the financial market.

Covid-19: Impact on Indian and Global Economy

Q. How do you think it will pan out and what will be the impact on the global economy?

A: We see a larger loss of economic activity in FY21, as thevirus has now spread widely outside China, and theexperience of other countries indicates a high possibility ofa further spread in India. We recently lowered our 2020global growth forecast to 3% from 3.3%, the weakest sincethe global financial crisis.

FPI’s strategy for 2020: Cautious on fiscal math amid fears a rating downgrade

Q. Data shows foreign investors have turned net sellers for India’s sovereign bonds during the last four months. What do you think is the reason?

A: It is because of the flattening of inflation expectations; currently food prices have been constituting a key concern and so has the potential impact of globally elevated oil prices, which is driving domestic inflation. I think this situation is fluid, and you may see a reversal based on views on these subjects evolving over the next few weeks.