Anti Money Laundering Policy

Regulation on Prevention of Money Laundering Act

  1. Brickwork Ratings has appointed Mr. Prasun Mishra as Principal Officer to monitor and report suspicious transactions and for playing an active role in the identification and assessment of potentially suspicious transactions.
  2. Analysts should report any suspicious activities as listed below but not limited to this, to Principal Officer and she will further investigate and report to the regulators after the confirmation.
    • Client whose identity verification seems difficult or clients appears not to cooperate
    • Asset management services for clients where the source of the funds is not clear or not in keeping with clients apparent standing/business activity
    • Clients in high risk jurisdictions or clients introduced by banks or affiliates or other clients based in high risk jurisdictions
    • Substantial increases in business without apparent cause
    • Unusually large cash deposits made by an individual or business
    • Clients transferring large sums of money to or from overseas locations with instructions for payment in cash
    • Transfer of investment proceeds to apparently unrelated third parties
    • Unusual transactions by CSCs and business undertaken by shell corporations, offshore banks/financial services, businesses reported to be in the nature of export-import of small items.
  3. BWR will take the customer due diligence measures and collect proper identification before accepting the client.
  4. BWR will maintain all the records in electronic format and co-operate with the relevant law enforcement authorities, including the timely disclosure of information.


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