About Brickwork Ratings

Brickwork Ratings (BWR), a SEBI registered Credit Rating Agency, has also been accredited by RBI offers rating services on Bank Loans, NCD, Commercial Paper, Fixed deposits, Securitised paper, Security receipts etc.

Rating Certificate

Brickwork Ratings founded by bankers, credit rating professionals, former regulators as well as professors, is committed to promoting Financial Literacy. Brickwork Ratings has Canara Bank, a leading Public Sector Bank, as its promoter and strategic partner

BWR has rated debt instruments/bonds/bank loans, securitized paper of
₹ 19,17,574 Cr. Also, Fixed Deposits and Commercial Papers etc. worth over ₹ 84,580 Cr have been rated. BWR has rated over 100 PSU/ Public Sector Banks, as well as many major private players. Brickwork has a major presence in ULB rating of nearly 102 cities. BWR has major presence in rating of securities receipts. BWR also rates debt mutual funds, Basel bonds as well as PPMLD (Principal Protected Market Linked Debentures).

BWR's ratings for large corporate customers, banks, financial institutions, state and local governments, help investors understand the complexity of the investment world.