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Rating Services

Brickwork Ratings (BWR), a SEBI registered Credit Rating Agency, has also been accredited by Reserve Bank of India.

BWR provides rating services for various Capital Market Instruments, Financial Institutions, Municipal and Urban Local Bodies, etc.

BWR also provides ratings for both short term and long term bank facilities availed by a borrower for risk weighting purposes for arriving at the Banks total capital requirement under the Basel Committee norms . Credit facilities that are rated can be fund based or non-fund based. Besides the above, BWR also provides other rating services such as Corporate Governance Ratings, Fixed Deposit Ratings etc.

Details of the Rating and related services provided by Brickwork Ratings are as under

  • Capital Market Instrument Ratings

    • Long Term Bonds / Debentures Tier I / Tier II instruments Preference Shares Structured Obligations Principal Protected Market Linked Debentures Basel norms Compliant Bonds
    • Short Term Commercial Papers Certificate of Deposits of Banks and Corporates

    Municipal and Urban Local Bodies Ratings

    • Rating of Municipal Corporations
    • Rating of Pooled Finance Instruments

    Other Ratings

    • Issuer Ratings
    • Fixed Deposit Ratings for corporates

  • Bank Loan Ratings

    • Fund Based External Commercial Borrowings Term Loans Working Capital Loans Buyers Credit Cash Credit / Packing Credit Overdraft Bills Purchased / Discounted
    • Non-Fund Based Bank Guarantee Letter of Credit

    Rating Services for Financial Institutions

    • Fixed Deposit Ratings
    • Security Receipts Ratings

    Customised Research Services

    • Industry / Company Research
    • Risk Management Services
    • Training