Bank Loan Rating Suspension Policy

BWR’s Bank Loan Rating Policy requires the client to provide necessary information and cooperate with BWR to keep the Rating under surveillance and complete review of the Rating on the due date. In case of persistent non-cooperation by the client, a notice about our intention to suspend the Rating shall be sent to the client under intimation to the concerned Banks. If the notice does not evoke appropriate response from the client within the specified time, the rating shall be suspended and intimation thereof shall be sent to the client and the Banks. A press release to that effect shall be issued and also published on our website.

The client can, however, approach us within three months of suspension to complete the review process. If the client subsequently reverts within three months of suspension, and cooperates with BWR, at its discretion, BWR may consider completing the review process. In such a case, rating suspension may be revoked and a new rating based on the review may be assigned and all other formalities of publication of the ratings etc. shall be complied with.

(Complies with the disclosure desired in the RBI’s communication BOD.BP.No.3524/21.06.007/2014-15, dt. Sept. 05, 2014).