Confidentiality Policy


  1. For the purpose of this policy, Confidential Information means any non-public information furnished by a client to pertaining to the credit rating activities. Any information submitted or available in the form of public disclosure like press releases, news, brochures etc. in print or in electronic format and filings to regulatory bodies, courts, stock exchanges etc. are not considered as Confidential Information.

  2. Protection of Confidentiality

  3. Brickwork Ratings (BWR) has taken suitable steps to protect confidentiality of client information through application of appropriate code of conduct and written agreement with its employees, Rating Committee members, clients, vendors, associates etc. and accordingly conduct themselves and adhere to the guidelines under this policy.

  4. Every person mentioned above agrees that information that is not generally known to the public to which he may have been or will be exposed as a result of being employed by BWR is confidential information. This includes information or processes developed by the Employee in the course of his/her employment, alone or with others, or entrusted to BWR by its customers or others.

  5. Each person mentioned above shall hold BWR’s and its clients’ confidential information in strict confidence, and not disclose without due authority

  6. Each person mentioned above shall use Confidential Information only for purposes for which it was procured

  7. BWR shall not disclose any confidential information except as required under any applicable law, rule or regulation or in response to an order or instructions from any court, government or regulatory agency or authority.

  8. Each person mentioned above shall take reasonable steps to protect confidential information from fraud, theft, misuse, or inadvertent disclosure.