Inflation crosses red line: Here's how your investments can beat it.

Months after the RBI defanged and tamed inflation, the monster is beginning to stir again. Consumer inflation rose to 6.07% in July due to higher food prices and analysts expect no respite in the coming months."Middle-class households spend certainly more than 6% on education. The CPI does not capture the expenses incurred on tuition and coaching," says Vivek Kulkarni, Managing Director of rating agency Brickwork Ratings.

WHY credit rating alone is insufficient? – by Vivek Kulkarni, IAS (Retd), Founder of Brickwork Ratings

A CREDIT rating is an “opinion” on the credit Worthiness of a borrower or the relative degree of risk of timely payment of Interest and principal on a debt instrument. A credit Rating indicates the probability of default of the rated instrument and, therefore, provides a benchmark for measuring and pricing of credit risk.

Understanding Credit Ratings - by M S R Manjunatha, Director-Ratings, Brickwork Ratings

''Credit Risk'' is considered a key risk in a financial activity. It could be in respect of a lender who has given a loan, or an investor who has subscribed to a bond or a supplier who has sold material on credit. Every creditor is keen to understand the risk he is taking, the probability of default scenario, and what loss he is likely to suffer.

Brickwork Ratings (BWR) Announces the Appointment of Shri S Santhanam as Rating Criteria Committee Chairman

Brickwork Ratings has appointed S Santhanam as the chairman of their rating criteria committee. Earlier, Santhanam was GM international operations and secretary, board at Canara Bank.. Shri Santhanam said “Seasoned bankers have been the backbone of Brickwork Ratings. Brickwork has earned a good reputation in a short time and I am happy to be associated with it.

"Removing the Fear of Finance" by Vivek Kulkarni, IAS (Retd), Founder of Brickwork Ratings

Adequate finance skills will ensure people take right decisions for themselves, their spouse, their children and their parents. If not they would waste their family’s lives and wealth. My dream is to motivate people around me to spread finance skills to everyone.

Brickwork Ratings (BWR) Today Announced the Appointment of Dr. M Govinda Rao as the Chief Economic Advisor

Brickwork Ratings is pleased to announce Dr. M Govinda Rao as the Chief Economic Advisor. "Having worked in World Bank, IMF, Planning Commission etc. in addition to his impressive academic achievements, Dr. Rao is uniquely suited to help us advice on matters relating to economy and provide innovative excellence in leading our research," said Mr. Vivek Kulkarni, IAS (Retd.) Managing Director of Brickwork Ratings. "Dr. Rao brings first-hand experience in public finance and will be a terrific asset to the institution."

News in numbers: Patanjali doubles sale

Patanjali’s provisional turnover more than doubles to Rs3,266.97 crore in the first 10 months of 2015-16. Patanjali Ayurved's provisional turnover in the first 10 months of 2015-16, according to Brickwork Ratings. This is more than double of that recorded in the same period in 2014-15.

Patanjali Boost Sales: Brickwork Ratings views quoted in “The Hindu&rdquo

According to a rating rationale document issued by Brickwork Ratings, a credit rating agency, Patanjali ayurvedic clocked a provisional turnover of Rs. 3,266.97 crores in the first 10 months of the current financial year. According to Brockwork ratings the company has "expanded its basket of products tremendously over the last year. Sustainin this with profitable growth requires continious R&D, enlargement of contract manufacturing and quality control."

From the IAS to a start-up

Governments and start-ups inhabit seemingly different universes: start-ups are infused with spontaneity and new ideas: governments are process-driven. “I was definitely lucky, things worked out for me,” says Vivek, who was tempted by the opportunities for growth and entrepreneurial zeal he spotted in the Bengaluru of the early 2000s to resign from his 22-year government service.

Budget FY17- Positive For Cement Manufacturers And Infra Players

MSR Manjunatha, Director - Ratings of Brickwork Ratings believes budget FY17 will have a beneficial impact on the cement industry, based on investment and increased spending in infrastructure, housing sector and commercial real estate.

States on reform path, need to generate more revenue: Brickwork

According to the State Finances Handbook 2015 released by Brickwork Ratings, most states are undertaking reforms, specially in areas like power, urban development, taxation as well as governance. Former RBI Deputy Governor Subir Gokarn, who released the Handbook, said states have the resources but are not fully capable of utilising them.

INDIA'S BEST SMEs - Braving The Odds

This is the sixth Business Today Best SME Survey. Listed and unlisted companies with total revenues less than or equal to Rs.500 cr in 2013/14 were eligible. Also have two special awards - for the best woman leader and for innovation.The top companies in each category were presented before a jury for the final decision on the winners. The jury comprised Anit Bharadwaj, Secretary-General, FISME; Vivek Kulkarni, MD Brickwork Ratings; and Mahendra Swarup, MD Avigo Capital. Vikas Gambir, Director, Business Risk Services, Grant Thronton, provided technical support

FORUM VIEWS - In conversation with Vivek Kulkarni

The genesis of credit rating roots back to 1837 financial crisis in United States. The formal recognitions were received in 1900s at the time of development of railroad bond market. Although the credit rating industry has more than hundred years of history, in India, they are just twenty five years old. Brickwork Ratings is a rating agency with 100 percent Indian ownership. Brickwork (BWR) was set up in 2008 and is headquartered in Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru.

Turnaround story for large firms yet to start

THE banking sector may be feeling the heat strain in corporate balancesheets, but it is not a lasting or devastating problem. With right policy and regularly intervention the challenge can be dealt with, says D Ravishankar, Founder Director, Brickwork Ratings.

Coming, a quality rating system for online sellers

Brickwork Ratings to guide buyers on e-commerce sites

Brickwork Ratings is developing a model whereby vendors selling online market places will be graded based on their service delivery capability, sales voulume and satisfactory conclusion of transcations, among others.

Easy Bank Credit for MSME rated Clients - Madurai

On behalf of Sourashtra Chamber of Commerce and Brickwork Ratings ,an awareness programme was held for MSME Rating Certification.Prabhakaran (SCC Chairman)


Bank of India – Additional Tier I Instrument (Basel III) Rating

BWR has assigned AAA rating for the current issue of Additional Tier-I instrument (AT1) of Bank of India.