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B School and Engineering Institutes Grading


Brickwork Ratings’ (BWR) B-Schools and Engineering Institute Grading is a product offering meant for Management and Engineering education aspirants and also the Institutes. Through grading, BWR will play an important role in improving the awareness levels of the students and their ability to take an informed decision in the selection of the institutions. For this BWR will primarily assess the various qualitative and quantitative factors of the Institute which will also benefit the institute in its branding and creating awareness about its qualities and offerings.

The need for B-School and Engineering Institutes Grading

The Growth prospects of India are irrevocably tied to the quality of the educational system in the country. There is a growing demand for quality institutions both in middle and higher level education. Students are more willing today to relocate from their hometowns to study a course of interest in one of the better institutions.

However, the choice of the institution is dependent on the information availability. A student needs information on the following:

  • Which course is he/she interested in?
  • Where are these courses offered?
  • Is there adequate information available to compare different institutions across the country/state?

These are some of the questions that Brickwork Ratings addresses in its Educational Institution Grading.