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Hospital Grading : Grading Criteria

Brickwork Ratings has developed unique grading criteria - RESPECT that stands for Resources, Efficiency, Safety, Patient centeredness, Equity, Clinical excellence, and Timeliness

  1. Resources

    Effective deployments of resources are measured to identify of level of financial flexibility and financial strength. Overall investment and financial management are measured using relevant techniques.

  2. Efficiency

    The operational efficiencies are measured using general norms like Average Length of Stay, Occupancy Rate, Average Revenue per Operating Bed, Average time taken for admission and discharge, etc. Management of other resources like, physicians, support staff, equipments, supplies, energy and ideas there by controlling cost and provide value. This criterion considers all other related factors that help to improve efficiency by reducing waste.

  3. Safety (Patient Care & Infrastructure)

    The healthcare environment should be safe for all patients and hospital staff, in all its process, at all times, and avoiding injuries to patients from the care that is intended to help them.

  4. Patient- Centeredness

    Provision of care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preference, needs and values and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.

  5. Equity

    Provision of care that does not vary in quality because of personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, geographic location and socio-economic status.

  6. Clinical Excellence

    Provision of care that is based on the use of systematically acquired evidence to determine whether an intervention, such as a preventive service, diagnostic test or therapy, produces better outcomes than alternatives- including the alternative of doing nothing.

  7. Timeliness

    Reduction of waiting time and sometimes harmful delays for both those who receive and give care.