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Hospital Grading : Overview

Brickwork Ratings Hospital Grading is a product designed to provide patients, hospital leadership & management team, clinicians and paramedical staff with an independent and unbiased opinion on the quality of healthcare services provided by the hospital. Consumers, while choosing a hospital, more often than not, depend on the suggestions/recommendations from friends and relatives about the doctors and hospitals which may also be further influenced by factors such as proximity, big brand names and aggressive marketing by the hospitals. This Grading will help the consumers to take an informed decision and it will also help the hospital management to benchmark their hospital with their peers in the industry and work towards achieving excellence in patient care.

Benefits of Hospital grading

  • Patients could choose the right doctor, clinic, hospital, diagnostic lab and pharmacy that deliver high quality of care and patient safety.
  • Good clinics, hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmacies could distinguish themselves from the bad ones, consequently attracting more business.
  • Hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs and pharmacies could benchmark their operations with reference to their peers and competition.
  • Physicians, nurses and Para-medical staff, could choose the right job in a healthcare provider that has excellent infrastructure, employee development plans, clinical excellence and financial standing.
  • Insurance firms could use the grading to contract differential prices amongst healthcare providers.
  • Municipal, state and Central governments could use Brickwork grading to directly asses the institutions under their control, release more money to well-run government hospitals.
  • Volunteers, NGOs, donors could choose the right healthcare institutions to make their contributions.